Stress and Depression

Are you stressed? Be cool

Let's first know why you are so,
  • Stress: If you are thinking that the happenings around you are making you worried or your body responses are same to the situation, as commonly it responds to a worrying situation. Maybe the actual happenings are not so). So in such a situation, your body reacts by secretions of hormones, which increases your heartbeat, sweating, the flow of blood to vital organs of the body and an enhanced activity of your body immune system. This is the normal response to an acute stressful condition. However, by continuously remain under stress, your body continues the same response, resulting in tremendous energy loss, enhanced hormones and as a result stress.
Now, come to our talk, reduce stress,
  • Don, t blame yourself: You are not alone, mainly this is your body responds to the situation, as of any normal human, your response of the body gets extended, no issue, i can be normalized. Please don, t be worried easily, it is one of the major causes of stress. Read more>>>
  • Take some exercise: Now, stand up and take some exercise. Exercise is the key to your mental health as it is for your heart. It motivates you with awesome benefits to make you cool and calm. There are two explanations of how exercise enables you to fight stress. One is chemical, it reduces the secretions of adrenaline and cortisol, hormones that make you upset. Secondly, it initiates the hormone secretion, cortisol, by the pancreas. Cortisol elevates our mood. The other explanation of how exercise reduces stress is the improvement in the behavioural aspects of, improvement in self-image, self-respect and self-confidence. It enhances your figure. These two factors significantly contribute to reducing your stress. Now, take a look, at simple exercises that will reduce your stress. Read more>>>
  • Your daily habits: Your daily routine habits play a very vital role in reducing your stress. Donto follow a haphazardous plan for your daily activities, take nutritious and healthy food, avoid carbonated drinks and plan ahead to avoid the stress of urgency. Read more>>>
  • Think Zinc: Being hormone and immune system enhancer, it can help you a lot to reduce your stress. Being a potent antioxidant, it protects your body from the damage of free radicals and ensures your mental and physical wellbeingRead more>>>
When you follow the above tips, it will make you capable of fighting stress and to lead a cheerful life, free of stress, however, you have to do one most important task, the way in which you will start your day.
Now, be a person, like this

    Zinc has a vital role for health in the Depression. A recent study published in the journal of biological psychiatry shown that the cost down person has a low concentration of zinc within their body as compared to the non-depressed people. The following conclusions of the study will further reveal the zinc health benefits in individuals with Depression.
     Zinc for health in depressed individuals, Conclusions of the study showing its importance.

    According to the current publication the relationship between the zinc density with the depressed people and non-depressed one, and the benefits that the depressed person receives by taking zinc supplements have further shown the importance of zinc for the symptoms of depression.

    • When zinc was added during treatment of the depressed individuals, The individuals receiving zinc supplementation with the anti-depressant treatment have shown rapid improvement in the symptom relief.
    • The research further highlights the possibilities that a low zinc may give to the development of depression.
    • Research study Population (Summary)
    Total studies: 17
    Total population: 2447 (Controlled + Depressed)
    Mean age: 37.7 years
    Zinc density in the study of depressed individuals and controlled group:  it was lower by a 1.85 µmol / L in depressed patients compared with the controlled group.
    Zinc for health in Depressed individuals: Study conclusions
    •  It highlights the following biological significance of zinc in relation to the overall health of the body.
    • There is a causal relationship between the zinc amount in the body and the depression.
    • Zinc performs a basic role in this immune function.
    • Zinc has anti-oxidant properties.
    • Zinc helps to regulate the endocrine homeostasis.
    • Zinc plays a role in the metabolism of fats, which can affect the brain and vascular functions.
    • Zinc helps to help with maintenance of cardiovascular health
    • The study is sponsored by the Ontario mental health foundation and is conducted by Dr.Swardfager.
    Certain food intake has the amazing effects upon reducing the severity of stress. These foods can help you a lot, to reduce your stress levels. Food intake for reducing stress is not only very cost effective way of reducing your stress levels but also have no undesirable effects on your health. These foods contain the high amount of beneficial minerals, but also are a good source of Vitamins, reducing your stress on one side and giving you health benefits on the other side. Read about amazing 06 foods that reduce your stress>

    Stress is the response of your body to certain concerns, know about it and overcome it. Share it openly with your friends and loved ones, and avoid the causes of stress, or manage it positively. A positive and healthy lifestyle will definitely reduce your stress levels. What are the concerns as a teenager girl, that causes stress, know about it>

    As a woman, if you are stressed about the infertility challenge and your family life is making you stressed. So that you can further improve your relationships with your partner, improve your self-image, sex drive, and your work performance. Manage the stress of infertility> 

    When you will be tired and fatigued, naturally you will be stressed. First, know about the symptoms of adrenal fatigue that causes stress. 
    • You will be tired for no reason.
    • You will not easily get up from bed at morning.
    In these conditions, there are multiple solutions for you. One good one is to consume food that reduces your symptoms of adrenal fatigue, read about the food for reducing symptoms of your adrenal fatigue>



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