Cold, flu and Cough Prevention

 This is being proven by more than a dozen research studies that zinc can help us to cut the severity of cold and flu.
According to the research studies by the Meenu Singh and Rashmi das at the institute of medical education and research in Chandigarh, India, zinc can cut the severity of the cold and flu.
The summary of the research studies as follows,
  • Research subjects: 1360
  • Output: The severity of cold and flu is being reduced by 4%.
Zinc for Health in Cold:  Other studies also confirm the same role of zinc, although the ratio of relief varies from study to study. The final conclusions are as,
  1. Zinc interferes with Cold Virus replication: The study concluded that the effect of the zinc upon reducing the severity of cold and flu can be linked to the role that zinc interferes with the virus replication, involved in the cold and flu.
  2. Zinc for Health and Protection of your Skin: Zinc oxide can also reduce the impacts of winter on the skin like it does in summer as in the form of zinc oxide sunscreen.
  3. Impacts of Zinc supplementation on School absenteeism: Those youngsters that use zinc supplementation for at least five months, need fewer antibiotics for infections as compared to the non-supplemented youngsters. Supplementation reduces the school absenteeism due to the cold and flu. In addition to the cold and flu, zinc also cuts asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses.
  4. Cost of Cold: Cold causes 100 million visits to the doctors annually with a cost of 20 Billion $.
The study does not show any details of the form of zinc and doses to be used to get the above-mentioned benefits.
If you get cold, then you can treat it by multiple options, the safest one is to consume immune system friendly food, such foods boosts your natural defence system and counters cold symptoms naturally. Nuts, citrus fruits, probiotics and antihistamine with decongestants, are the other options, let's talk in detail, how to treat cold>

Cold is an as primitive health issue as humans are, so there are some effective tips, that we have learnt from the past and some are being advised by the health professionals. These tips are so effective that even doctors prefer to treat the cold by recommending these to cold sufferers either alone when symptoms are mild, or with medications, to get the synergistic effects to treat cold. These tips include,
  • Blowing your nose
  • Taking  a rest
  • Gargle
  • Consumption of hot liquids
  • Have a steamy shower and more.
  • Let's talk about it in detail, Tips to reduce Cold>

Antioxidants are found in healthy food and have the capability to quench free radicals, these free radicals can cause cell damage and hence different health concerns. The optimal intake of Antioxidants protects our cells from potential damage and protects us from different infections. Antioxidant intake prior to getting cold reduces the chances that you will get any infection including cold. When you get cold, Antioxidants have the amazing property of reducing the severity of the symptoms and reduces the duration of the cold.
Proper hygienic practices also reduce the chances of getting cold, particularly if you wash your hands regularly. Want to talk more, let's talk, how antioxidants reduce and hand washing the severity of cold>

Zinc is the super antioxidant, having the superb capabilities to protect us from the damage of free radicals. Its have amazing results in the cold symptoms as well. As zinc boost, the enzyme and hormonal secretions, boost the immune system and enhances the antioxidant activities within the body.
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